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Prof Ulrich Ettinger (Head of Section)

Prof Jürgen Bredenkamp (Emeritus Professor)

Dr Yaira Chamorro Díaz (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)

Eliana Faiola (Research Worker)

Kaja Faßbender (Research Worker)

Jennifer Gaeb (Secretary)

Mirko Lehmann (Research Worker)

Rebekka Schröder (Research Worker)

Maria Steffens (Teaching Assistant)

Student Research Assistants





Day trip to Phantasialand, August 2018




Inga Meyhöfer is awarded the Georgia und Helmut Friedrich Stiftungspreis.




Many congratulations to Inga Meyhöfer for passing her doctoral examination!




Trip to the Chocolate Museum, Cologne, July 2017




Congratulations to Anna Kasparbauer for passing her doctoral examination!



PPT Karaoke 2016

Ulrich Ettinger is proud winner of the PowerPoint karaoke at the psychology students' Christmas party 2016!




Maria Steffens and Inga Meyhöfer, DGPPN 2016




Our group in 2016, from left to right: Rustam Isaev, Julia Große Bley, Tobias Talanow, Nadine Petrovsky-Esselborn, Ulrich Ettinger, Anna Kasparbauer, Inga Meyhöfer, Maria Steffens, Pamela Küpper (drawing by Maria Steffens)



Ulrich Ettinger

Ulrich Ettinger (drawing by Hugo Bonamin, 2014)




Day trip to Cologne, August 2014 (from left to right: Bertalan Polner, Maria Steffens, Tünnes, Inga Meyhöfer, Anna Kasparbauer, Ulrich Ettinger, Melanie Vogelsberg, Schäl, Moritz Esser, Pamela Küpper, Rebekka Heinen)



Tobias PuG 2014

Tobias Talanow, Psychologie und Gehirn 2014



Phantasialand 2013

Day trip to Phantasialand, 2013



Christmas 2011

Our group in November 2011, drawn by Jan Loh (clockwise from bottom left: Nadine Nett, Nadine Petrovsky-Esselborn, Anatina Trakowski, Maria Steffens, Christoph Naefgen, Schazia Delhvi, Ulrich Ettinger)


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