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Publications with peer review process:

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Publications without peer review process

  1. Kloft, L. (2021). Hazy memories: the impact of drugs on false memory formation from a legal psychopharmacological perspective. [Doctoral Thesis, Maastricht University]. Gildeprint Drukkerijen. https://doi.org/10.26481/dis.20210623lk
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  6. Podcast episode: Intoxicants and Memory with Lilian Kloft (2020). Invited interview on the podcast “Drugs and their History in Society”: https://historyofdrugsinsociety.podbean.com/e/intoxicants-and-memory-with-lilian-kloft
  7. Blogpost: Kloft, L.*, & Sauerland, M (2020). Cannabis könnte Menschen anfälliger für Pseudoerinnerungen machen. The Inquisitive Mind. https://de.in-mind.org/blog/post/cannabis-koennte-menschen-anfaelliger-fuer-pseudoerinnerungen-machen


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