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Research Theses and Placements

We supervise BSc and MSc projects and research placements in all areas of our current research.

  • Behavioural experiments in our laboratories in the Department of Psychology, e.g. on cognitive control, consciousness and attention
  • Experimental investigations of the oculomotor system (with EyeLink 1000 eyetrackers in our laboratories in the Department of Psychology)
  • fMRI experiments (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber at the Life&Brain Centre)
  • Psychopharmacological experiments (both in our own laboratories and in collaboration with Prof. Dr. René Hurlemann at the University Hospital Bonn)
  • Online studies (e.g. on schizotypy and impulsivity)
  • Patient studies (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michael Wagner and Prof. Dr. René Hurlemann in the Department of Psychiatry as well as the LVR Klinik), e.g. on schizophrenia, anxiety and depression


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in pursuing your research projects or placements within our group.


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