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Forschungsprojekt: Aphantasia Research Project Bonn

Aphantasia Research Project Bonn

Inspired by the research of Zeman, Dewar and Della Sala (2015) as well as two individual cases in the Institute of Psychology of Bonn, we started our research project about the phenomenon of aphantasia. Aphantasia is the absence of voluntary visual imagery (Zeman et al., 2015).

In a pilot study, we aim to collect a data base of a high number of persons affected by aphantasia as well as of persons with possibly connected phenomena (e.g., hyperphantasia1, prosopagnosia2, synesthesia3, SDAM4) and controls in order to explore the so far barely investigated phenomenon and its connection to interindividual differences.

1 phenomenon of unusually strong visual imagination, 2 phenomenon of face blindness, 
phenomenon of an exchange of sensory perception, 4phenomenon of a severely deficient autobiographical memory

Pilot study

The pilot study focuses on the phenomenon of aphantasia and its links to memory and empathy. Besides, we explore connections to personality traits and performance variables.

If you want to participate, please follow this link:

The results of the study will be presented here after completion of the study.


If you want to participate in further studies of our research group, you are invited to join our newsletter by writing us a short email (aphantasia [at] Please indicate whether you are affected by aphantasia or not.

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