M. Sc. Thomas Grünhage (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)


Publikationen in "peer reviewed journals"

01) Grünhage, T. & Reuter, M. (accepted). Political orientation is Associated with Behavior in Public-Goods- and Trust-Games. Political Behavior.

02) Plieger, T., Grünhage, T., Duke, É., & Reuter, M. (2020). Predicting Stock Market Performance: The Influence of Gender and Personality on Financial Decision Making. Journal of Individual Differences, 1(1), 1-10.

03) Lippold, J. V., Laske, J. I., Hogeterp, S. A., Duke, É., Grünhage, T., & Reuter, M. (2020). The role of personality, political attitudes and socio-demographic characteristics in explaining individual differences in fear of Coronavirus: A comparison over time and across countries. Frontiers in Psychology11, 2356.