M. Sc. Thomas Grünhage (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Publikationen in "peer reviewed journals"



07) Grünhage T. & Reuter M. (2021) Tell Me Who You Vote for, and I'll Tell You Who You Are? The Associations of Political Orientation With Personality and Prosocial Behavior and the Plausibility of Evolutionary Approaches. Frontiers in Psychology

06) Grünhage, T., & Reuter, M. (2021). What Makes Diets Political? Moral Foundations and the Left-Wing-Vegan Connection. Social Justice Research, 34(1), 18-52.



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04) Grünhage, T., & Reuter, M. (2020). Personality’s Influence on Political Orientation Extends to Concrete Stances of Political Controversy in Germany – Cross-Nationally and Consistently. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 8(2), 686-707.

03) Lippold, J. V., Laske, J. I., Hogeterp, S. A., Duke, É., Grünhage, T., & Reuter, M. (2020). The role of personality, political attitudes and socio-demographic characteristics in explaining individual differences in fear of Coronavirus: A comparison over time and across countries. Frontiers in Psychology11, 2356.

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01) Grünhage, T. & Reuter, M. (2020). Political orientation is Associated with Behavior in Public-Goods- and Trust-Games. Political Behavior, 1-26.