Get to know our Team of the Unit of Social and Legal Psychology.

Head of the Unit

Avatar Banse

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Rainer Banse

Room 0.003

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53111 Bonn

Administration office

Avatar Nettemann

Carolin Nettemann

+49 228 73-4256

+49 228 73-4229

Room 0.010

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53111 Bonn

Office hours

Monday + Wednesday
08.00 - 12.00 h

Tuesday + Thursday
12.45 - 17.15 h

12.45 - 15.45 h

Scientific staff

Avatar Grau

PD Dr. Ina Grau

Room 0.001

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53115 Bonn

Avatar Hoffmann

Dr. Lisa Hoffmann

Room 0.011

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53111 Bonn

Avatar Bergmann

Dr. Barbara Bergmann

Room 0.011

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53111 Bonn

Avatar Kube

M.Sc. Silvia Kube

Room 1.002

Dietkirchenstr. 28

53111 Bonn

Avatar Miketta

M.Sc. Lena Miketta

Room 1.004

Dietkirchenstr. 28

53111 Bonn

Avatar Rathgeber

M.Sc. Finn Rathgeber

Room 1.001

Dietkirchenstr. 28

53111 Bonn

Avatar Sonnicksen

M.Sc. Michaela Sonnicksen

Room 1.003

Dietkirchstr. 28

53111 Bonn

Student / research assistants

B.Sc. Katharina Dickmann
B.Sc. Katharina Dickmann © Privat
B.Sc. Elisa Berner
B.Sc. Elisa Berner © Privat
B.Sc. Lilli Meißner
B.Sc. Lilli Meißner © Privat
Katrin Prott
Katrin Prott © Privat

Katharina Dickmann B.Sc. Psychology

Elisa Berner B.Sc. Psychology, B.A. German Studies, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

Lilli Meißner B.Sc. Psychology

Katrin Prott B.Sc. Psychology

Alina Wesser-Saalfrank B.Sc. Psychology, B.A. Philosophy

Office hours:

13.30 - 15.00 h

and by appointment

14.00 - 16.00 h

The student assistants are available to help students with the programming and evaluation of questionnaires and inquisit experiments.

Student assistants in Social and Legal Psychology

Room 0.018

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 9

53111 Bonn

PhD students

Former employees


  • Kai Brüggemann
  • Joseph Birke
  • Luka Franziska Bluhm
  • Sophia Liebig
  • Daniela Larue
  • Huma Shahid
  • Lisa Wolf
  • Juliane Schrick


  • Dr. Hyungseng You
  • Dr. Nadia Al Tamimi (University of York)
  • Dr. Tulika Jaiswal (University of York)
  • Dr. Julia Helfer
  • Dr. Gunnar Meinhard
  • Dr. Achim Roth
  • Dr. Bettina Schützhofer
  • Dr. Malgorzata Oculicz-Kozarin
  • Dr. Nadia Hamdi Bek
  • Dr. Verena Oberlader
  • Dr. Kathrin Eickmeier
  • Dr. Alina Ruckriegel
  • Dr. Laura Quinten
  • Dr. Christine Ebbeler
  • Dr. Anja Murmann
  • Dr. Jelena Rönspies-Heitmann

Prof. Dr. Roland Imhoff
University Mainz

Prof. Dr. Alexander Schmidt
University Mainz

Juniorprofessorin Dr. Verena Oberlader
University Mainz

Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Kluck
i. R.

Dr. Jelena Rönspies
Psychological assessor

Dr. Kathrin Eickmeier
Psychological assessor

Dr. Anja Murmann
Psychological assessor

Dr. Christine Ebbeler
In education to become a psychological psychotherapist

Dr. Laura Quinten
Medical School Berlin

M.Sc. Charis Neuerburg
Data Scientist

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